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Part of our mission at The Blank is to help the next generation of artists develop their skills through our internship and apprenticeship opportunities. Our available arts internship and apprenticeship programs are listed below, detailing the apprenticeships and their requirements. To apply for one of our internships or apprenticeships, please send an email to for more information.

For ALL apprenticeships we are looking for candidates with:

an eagerness and willingness to learn
a love for theatre
a strong work ethic
great people skills
a desire to be a part of the theatre community
efficient time management skills
basic office and computer skills
aptitude for coordinating and organizing
Apprentice perks include: hands on, professional experience, free shows, great connections, and the opportunity to work with and learn from esteemed professionals in every facet of the non-profit theater world.


This apprenticeship is unpaid.

These apprentices work side by side with the Producers and Managing Director in every aspect of production for The Living Room Series, our new play development program, and our Young Playwrights Festival.

This is a great program for those interested in a career in Theatrical Production, Arts Administration or Non-Profit Management. It will allow participants to enter into the quickly growing field of nonprofit development. Apprentices will be given the unique opportunity to see the inner workings of a well functioning nonprofit theatrical organization, backstage, onstage and in the office.

This program can take place over the summer, one semester or the full school year. It can be part time or full time and is completely flexible. We structure the schedule according to the apprentice’s availability. We just ask that each apprentice makes a commitment for at least 3-6 months.


This apprenticeship comes with a small stipend of $50 a show.

These apprentices work with the Artistic Committee, Associate Producer of the Living Room Series and with professional theatre directors, actors and playwrights in our new play development program the Living Room Series.

This is a great program for those interested in a career in Stage Management or Theatrical Production. It will allow participants to work with a variety of directors and playwrights as new work is created. Apprentices will be given the unique opportunity to work with playwrights from all over the world as well as many local LA playwrights, meet directors from theatres and television, help create a lighting design and get hands on experience as a stage manager.

Living Room Series happens every week between Labor Day and Memorial Day, with just an 8 hour commitment required about once a month. Shows are assigned by the LRS Producer according to the apprentice’s availability.


The YPF apprentice team members receive immersion training in theatre production for 6 weeks (mid May to the end of June) during our Young Playwrights Festival. They are a major part of every aspect of production and are truly the backbone of the entire festival.

Each apprentice will have the opportunity to:

stage manage at least one play
run the light and/or sound board
work as the running crew
participate in production meetings
work closely with the Festival Producer
train with the Production Stage Manager in all aspects of production
work closely with many different directors, actors, designers and producers
If the apprentice has skills or interest in a specific area of production we will give them training and/or responsibilities accordingly.

This training program is equivalent to at least a full year of college level courses in theatre production. This is a full time position and our most in-depth and fast paced apprenticeship. There is no pay, but most apprentices receive school credit for their participation. You do NOT need to be a student to apply, but you must be at least 18 and have an interest in theatre.

The festival began in 1992 and has evolved into a unique national competition for playwrights 9 to 19. For more information about the festival go to

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  1. Lisa Bianconi

    Hi Blank Theatre – I run a small, young artists exchange program where I bring international and national young artists to study in L.A. high schools and train in their art. We have a Czech actor who’s 16 years old but has eight years’ experience on stage, TV and film. Her first love is theatre and she’d like to be involved in local theatre in L.A. during her year stay with us. Do you accept under 18 apprentices or volunteers?

    Lisa f

  2. Dan Watson

    How does one get involved as an actor with your company? I have been looking for a good theatre group to join since I moved to LA! Thank you

  3. Dan Watson

    How does one get involved as an actor with your company? I have been looking for a good theatre group to join since I moved to LA! Thank you
    (Sent again because of wrong email)

  4. Meryem Tunagur

    I would like to know more about this program. I am currently a Junior in Undergrad in the U.S and am wondering if I am eligible.

  5. Anna Marie Padgett

    I am very interested in Interning for the summer. I have such a passion for Theatre and would love to learn as much I can while doing the very thing I love. I have been involved in Theatre for the past 5 years, I have been involved in 60+ productions, and during that time I have held every position imaginable. I have directed plays, performed in them as lead, support, and as an understudy. I have made props by hand, as well as costumes, and sets. I am a very energetic, fun, and up beat person. I am a quick learner, and I have great communication skills both verbal and written. I have good time management skills, and I have the ability to complete tasks prior to deadlines. I would love the any opportunity you can offer. I look forward to working with you!

  6. Joshua Gidanian

    My name is Joshua and I would like to apply for this internship program. I have taken 2 years of Theater Arts in high school as well as 3 semesters at SMC. I also completed a 9 month program in Portland, Oregon working side by side with Habitat For Humanity where we built homes for low income families. I am interested in improving my knowledge and experience in all aspects of stage and can work full time.
    I am eager to learn, hard working, punctual, and a team player. You can contact me either via email or call me at
    Thank you,

  7. Dylan Mobley

    I am looking to become the most professional and dedicated actor I can be. I am a very passionate, loyal, and hard-working young man

  8. Dylan Mobley

    I believe that acting is an art that should be perfected in the most sincere way possible.. I would love the opportunity to be an apprentice at your program.

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