Living Room Series


Now in its 25th year, The Living Room Series is a New Play Development program, which embodies The Blank’s commitment to developing new work by diverse voices from both established and emerging writers.

The Living Room Series (LRS) takes place on Monday evenings at the 2nd Stage Theatre in Hollywood between Labor Day and Memorial Day. LRS offers a week-long rehearsal process for the playwright, director, and actors to explore and refine the play before presenting it to an audience.

The performances are minimally staged, with actors carrying scripts, and are a wonderful opportunity for the playwright to get a sense of the play’s full potential.

Script submissions for this season of The Living Room Series workshops are currently closed.  Submissions for our next season will be accepted during the Spring of 2017 via Submittable.




All performances begin at 8:00pm and take place at
     The Blank’s 2nd Stage Theatre
     6500 Santa Monica Blvd, Hollywood
unless otherwise noted.

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Monday February 27th


Monday March 6th
A Blessing: The Miracle of Edith Stein (DATE MOVED from February 27th!)
Written by Christopher Franciosa
Directed by Christopher J. Raymond

A Blessing: The Miracle of Edith Stein is the true story about a rare human being. Edith was born to an Orthodox Jewish/German family in the 1890’s. During her life, she became an atheist, a feminist, a college graduate and a renowned philosopher. After witnessing the horrors of WWI, she had a rekindling of faith which brought her to Catholicism and eventually to becoming a nun. But her habit wouldn’t save her. The Nazis hunted her down and executed her in Auschwitz. The Pope wanted to canonize this Jewish woman but he needed to find a miracle that she had performed. In 1980’s America, a little girl was dying. Her parents prayed to Edith and the Pope found his miracle. A Blessing is the story of that miracle and the miraculous life of an extraordinary woman.   

Lynn Adrianna, Bradley Fisher, Melissa Kite, Amir Levi, Bree Pavey, Lizzie Peet, Ryland Shelton, Camden Singer, Katy Stoll

Writer Bio
Christopher Franciosa has had his plays produced throughout the country. His latest production in November was of his short play Pardone’ Moi by Lama Theater Co. in New York City and in 2016 his play Lions to Ride was named a finalist at the Shakespeare in the ‘Burg play contest. Christopher has been a member of the Warner Bros. TV Writing Workshop, a finalist in the ABC/Disney Fellowship, a finalist in the Writersarc Screenplay Competition and most recently a finalist in the Sussex (UK) Television Play Competition. As always, this is for Marissa.



Check back often for updates on the rest of the season!




Submissions for the 2017-18 season will be accepted in the Spring of 2017 via Submittable.


  • Submission must be full-length (we regret that one-acts or ten-minutes will not be considered at this time).
  • Submission must not have received a full production. Submissions that have received full productions, even if they have undergone significant post-production revisions, will not be considered. The Blank considers staged readings and academic productions exceptions to this rule.
  • Playwright may only submit one script per submission period.
  • Materials must be submitted as PDFs. For information on how to create a pdf, please visit: