Green Commitment for the Future

of The Blank Theatre Company

Green Commitment to the Future

As part of our goal to become Hollywood's Regional Theatre, The Blank Theatre Company plans to build or re-model a theatre facility under the guidelines set forth by the US Green Building Council, with the intention of achieving LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold or Platinum Certification.

Pre-concepts for the space are already in progress, under the direction of renowned eco-interior designer Kelly LaPlante, LEED AP and with the vision of Artistic Director, Daniel Henning. In fact, initial sketches, concepts and materials will be on-line for you to view later this year!

The facility will be virtually off-the-grid with features such as on-site water-reclamation, water-efficient toilets and faucets, an LED stage-lighting system, energy-efficient appliances and HVAC systems as well as low or no VOC paints, flooring, finishes and fabrics.

Sacrificing nothing in the way of the environment, the project will also result in a stylish world class facility providing its patrons with comfort and aesthetics.

Add a LEEDer title to your donation, in any amount, and your contribution will be earmarked solely for the development of this project.

We're already green...

The Blank's Commitment to the environment is nothing new. Below are just a few of the ways we've been doing our part to reduce our carbon footprint:

  • Minimum 75% vintage or re-used clothing in our costume department
  • Minimum 75% re-use of electrics and sound equipment for each production
  • Minimum 25% recycled/ eco-friendly set materials in our productions each season
  • Recycling of all paper, bottles and cans in office and theatre facilities
  • Playbill recycling program
  • 100% recycled content paper for all office printing
  • 100% low or no VOC paint in all set designs
  • Office and Second Stage Theatre running on Green Power


This year, we have offset the carbon emissions of our casts, crews, board of directors and AUDIENCES for travel to and from every single production, rehearsal and meeting. We've also offset the day-to-day commute for our office staff.