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There are currently no full-time job openings at The Blank.

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Our donors become active participants in the daily life of The Blank, with exclusive benefits that give you unique insight and access. Only Donor Benefits combine the ticket flexibility of a subscription with the VIP treatment of a Hollywood Star. The Blank Theatre is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. For more information on donating or donor level perks please call 323.871.8018.
The Blank welcomes volunteers for all aspects of production and theatre administration! To learn more please e-mail us at or call 323.871.8018. Visit this page for more details on volunteer opportunities.
Submissions for The Living Room Series 2019-2020 Season will will open June 1, 2019 and will be accepted through June 31, 2019 via Submittable. Each submission must include:

  1. Playwright resume and biography.
  2. A one-sentence summary of your script. For example: A young man and woman from different social classes fall in love aboard an ill-fated voyage at sea.
  3. A brief synopsis of your play.
  4. A character breakdown list (including ages and gender).
  5. A brief artistic statement explaining how you feel your play would benefit from participating in the Living Room Series.
  6. An outline of your play’s developmental/production history (if existing). If the submission is optioned by another company, please note this in the Development History document so that we may attempt to coordinate the LRS reading with the upcoming production.
  7. A copy of your full-length play.


  • Submission must be full-length (one-acts or ten-minutes will not be considered at this time).
  • Submission must not have received a full production. Submissions that have received full productions, even if they have undergone significant post-production revisions, will not be considered. The Blank considers staged readings and academic productions exceptions to this rule.
  • Playwright may only submit one script per submission period.
  • Materials must be submitted as PDFs. For information on how to create a pdf, please visit:
  • Any submission that does not adhere to these guidelines or that is submitted after the submission period will not be considered.
The Blank accepts submissions from actors, directors, designers etc. The best way to get involved is to show up. Come down and see a Monday night Living Room Series reading, introduce yourself, become volunteer. We love welcoming new people into The Blank Family.

The Blank is a theatre production company not a dues-paying membership company. Send resumes and headshots to:  The Blank Theatre P.O. Box 1094 Hollywood CA 90078 or email:

All Blank Theatre apprentices get “hands-on” immersion training. Every apprentice gets the opportunity to become a major part of the process of producing theatre here at The Blank. We seek apprentices to help with various programs throughout the year.

Young Playwrights Festival Apprenticeship
A flagship apprenticeship program with tremendous opportunities for the participants. Each summer, 12 to 18 students (or sometimes returning veterans) from around the world are given invaluable hands-on immersion training in theatre as an integral part of the production team for the Young Playwrights Festival. This program includes 8 symposiums with theatre professionals in the first week and then the apprentices become the stage managers, assistant directors, and design assistants and are offered a unique opportunity to work with 12 different directors during the course of the Festival. This job-training program is free of charge. (mid-May to beginning of July).

Producing and Arts Administration Apprenticeship
These apprentices will work side by side with the Producer in every aspect of production as well as assisting with the general operation of the company. This program can be part time or full time and can take place over the summer, one semester or the full school year. It is also completely flexible.

Stage Management Apprenticeship The Living Room Series is our new play development program and has been in existence as long as the company has. Almost every Monday night from Labor Day to Memorial Day, we produce a fully staged reading of a new play. Apprentices in this program will work as the Stage Manager on new plays with various directors. They will have the opportunity to sit in on as many rehearsals as they choose, run the lights and sound for various productions. This is a part time position and comes with a small stipend per show. There are no fees for this job-training program.

Apprenticeship Job Qualifications:

  • Eagerness and willingness to learn
  • Love for theatre
  • Strong work ethic
  • Desire to be part of a theatre community
  • Great people skills
  • Team player
  • How to Apply

Send an e-mail to with the apprenticeship you’re interested in and we will send you an application by return e-mail.

THE CORE is a 5-week acting workshop taught by Blank Founding Artistic Director Daniel Henning focusing on:

  • Bringing uniqueness into the work by encouraging your true self
  • Empowering you to make your own bold choices and to trust them
  • Stretching your abilities beyond what you think is possible

THE CORE offers:

  • In-depth work through small class sizes
  • Individualized attention depending on your needs and level
  • Realistic application of the work to auditions, booking and performing the jobs

While THE CORE focuses on acting, many writers, directors and producers have taken THE CORE to better understand the art of creation and how to make their own work more focused and unique. Questions? Want to register? Call 323.871.8018 or e-mail