Volunteer Opportunities

To start with, we are not a membership company – there are no dues.

We are a group of actors, writers, directors and technicians who dedicate their time to the advancement of this company.

We function on the hard work of our volunteers.

Here are some of the things Blank volunteers do:

Box Office
Script Reading
Set Construction
Stage Management (please include resume)
Office Administration
Asst. Directing (please include resume)
Directing (please include resume)

For more information about our volunteer opportunities, send an email to info@theblank.com.

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  1. naby dakhli

    I recently relocated in Los Angeles and I am looking to get involved with some interesting and serious theatrical endeavors. I have only heard positive things about your work so far and I am set to come see “Something truly monstrous” by the end of the month to take a look at it by myself.
    I would like you to consider me for a volunteering opportunity you might offer with a preference for directing, assistant directing and script reading (in that order).
    I have attached some of my main experiences that I’ve had in Europe.
    I’ve been acting for the most part of my career and have a few times had the chance to be assistant director for 2 plays and had the opportunity to direct “A streetcar named desire” in Paris after providing my own french translation unsatisfied by the ones on the market. Most recently I just finished a play as an actor at the Edinburgh film this summer.

    I’d be happy to come over and meet you to talk about the opportunities you’re offering at the moment. How can I send you my resume by the way?

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

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