Young Playwrights Festival


Congratulations to the Winners of the 29th Annual YPF!

The festival will stream in July 2021 !

Mama Bushwick is Dead
Elizabeth Shannon, Age 17, Frederick, MD

Clean Clothes
Simon Hamrick, Age 16, Charleston, SC

The Fantastic Adventures of Bonnie and Fran
Alethea Shirilan-Howlett, Age 18, Jamesville, NY

Kea Kamiya, Age 18, Bradenton, FL

Makeup with Mallory: Special 29th Birthday Babe Edition!!
Alyssa Ho, Age 17, Pasadena, CA and Miya Matsumune, Age 17, Upland, CA

The Waiting Room
Abigail Milne, Age 16, Palo Alto, CA

Living With It
Libby Eick, Age 16, McLean, VA

A House With a Broken Swing
Isabel Tongson, Age 16, Winter Park, FL

Las Mujeres de Los Angeles
Lourdes Castillo, Age 19, New Orleans, LA

Tasmanian Devils
Zachary Garfinkle, Age 17, Woodbridge, CT

Let Me In
Zander Pryor, Age 18, Dallas, TX

Miss Diva Cup
Anya Jimenez, Age 17, Brooklyn, NY