The Blank Theatre is committed to the enrichment of Hollywood’s cultural life through production of first-rate theatre, education of current and future artists, and creation of groundbreaking new works for the theatrical repertoire.The Blank Theatre Mission
Our goals are to produce new work, give paying jobs to actors, directors and theatre professionals, to train and inspire young people to pursue careers in theatre and to develop the plays that will be presented on stages around the world for future generations.

We believe the development of new plays is an essential component of a thriving theatrical community, both here in Hollywood and in the nation at large. The Blank is unique in that we offer opportunities for playwrights to see their works grow from a draft script to a fully realized Mainstage production. We attract the finest playwrights in America and are entrusted by them to develop their plays which will eventually be produced all around the globe. The Blank is one of the nation’s most important developers of new work.

The long-term goal of The Blank Theatre is to become Hollywood’s first professional Regional Theatre. We will operate within our own 300-400 seat venue. This venue will achieve LEED Gold or Platinum Certification. We will operate under a larger LORT Equity contract. We will also partner with educational outreach programs that will benefit the youth of Hollywood. Creating Hollywood’s first Regional Theatre will offer a vital contribution to the long-term success of Hollywood’s revitalization.

We want to reawaken theatre as a national pastime, and provide our community with the notion that living, breathing windows into human experience are not meant to be reserved for the wealthy few, but are a crucial part of the cultural discourse of a city and should be accessible to everyone