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A celebration of Daniel Henning and the first 30 years of the Young Playwrights Festival!

Please join us to celebrate The Blank's Founding Artistic Director, Daniel Henning, as we reflect on his incredible 32 year career as he steps down from direct leadership at The Blank! As part of that celebration, we will revisit the last 30 years of the Young Playwrights Festival, The Blank's flagship program founded by Daniel!

This event will also mark the welcome of the next generation of leadership at The Blank, and usher in the next 30 years of YPF with a presentation, performances and a cocktail reception!

Please stay tuned for more details to come and special announcements about performers, presenters and special access opportunities! But reserve NOW as the guest list is limited!

Whether you know Daniel Henning with a sparkling clean shaven smile or a beautifully groomed beard, you know that he has been an effusive leader in the Los Angeles theatre community for more than three decades. And that his sense of fashion and style are unparalleled!

What you may NOT know is that in his 32 years as the Founding Artistic Director of The Blank, he has supported hundreds, if not thousands of artists from all disciplines and all walks of life, as they've made their way through entertainment in Los Angeles. He has impacted so many people in his own creative journey, always aiming to make LA Theatre, and the artists supported by it, the very best they can be. No matter where they come from or how old they are!

As we think about Daniel's incredible career and the love and support he has shown for The Blank and LA Theatre for more than 30 years, we find ourselves with a mix of both sadness and joy to share this news with you...

Daniel Henning, the Founding Artistic Director of The Blank Theatre in Hollywood, is stepping down after 32 years.

Daniel is an actor, director, writer, producer, teacher, activist, coach, who has worked tirelessly to share his love and commitment to the arts with everyone he meets. His 32 year career as The Blank's Founding Artistic Director has nutured thousands, and changed the face of LA Theatre.

While we are saddened by his transition out of direct leadership, we are thrilled to see that Daniel will finally be taking time for himself and other pursuits that he finds enjoyable and fulfilling! He is now an award winning and wildly successful audiobook narrator!

We are so grateful to Daniel for all he has done to create a "blank" space in LA from which art and artists can emerge. His work has impacted generations, and laid the foundation from which we hope to continue his work for generations to come. Most importantly, we are endlessly thankful for his friendship and the many many memories we have together. Who among us hasn't, at some point, been that 16 year old sitting in their basement in say, Enid, Oklahoma, writing a play and thinking no one is ever going to see this...and upon finding Daniel and The Blank were overjoyed to know that "what you have to say matters."

If anything sums up Daniel's impact on artists it is just that: his unwavering and repeated refrain that what artists have to say matters.

Thank you Daniel, for reminding us all of that for 32 years.



The Blank Theatre is committed to the enrichment of Hollywood’s cultural life through production of first-rate theatre, education of current and future artists, and creation of groundbreaking new works for the theatrical repertoire companies in America.

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