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YPF32 Schedule

July 11 to August 4, 2024

All performances will take place at Skylight Theatre in Hollywood!

Weekly shows are Thursday & Friday at 8pm / Saturday & Sunday at 2pm

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WEEK 1 – July 11 - 14



by Steph Prizhitomsky, age 19, New York, NY

Mentored by Lee Sherman  |  Directed by Madison McLaughlin

Cami sits in a confessional talking to a very hungover Father Owens. Cami sees he’s been texting someone and playing solitaire on his phone. Maybe Father Owens has answers Cami needs....or maybe he's still playing solitaire.


by Ashlynn Frangella, age 17, Jacksonville, FL

Mentored by Cris Eli Blak  |  Directed by Shelli Boone

As a war rages on above them, a mother comforts her child with a story about a little lion-bear and it’s friends. When 2 soldiers enter the basement, will the hidden child be discovered or  remain safely tucked inside their imaginary world?


by Max Leventon, age 16, Greenwich, CT

Mentored by Kit Steinkellner  |  Directed by Kenneth Castillo

A group of people find themselves in a room with a crank that must be turned in order to have their basic needs met: food, oxygen and warmth.  When a new person arrives, will their questions be answered or will they be freed?

WEEK 2 – July 18 - 21



by Anna Parker, age 16, Houston, TX

Mentored by Vasanti Saxena  |  Directed by Kila Kitu

A painter and his poet partner stare at his latest painting — yellow and red splatters on a canvas. When they disagree about whether all art should have meaning, The Curator shows up to decide what art “makes it.” A thought-provoking exploration of art, creativity, perception, and the subjective nature of meaning


by Alexander Sanfiz, age 15, Lyndhurst, NJ

Mentored by Gary Tieche  |  Directed by Scott Lowell

A talking infant named Gene tries to get his father to get some rest (sort of). As new and exhausted parents try to do the best they can, their lack of sleep creates a humorous exploration of parenthood.


by Emerson Coffee, age 18, Dallas, TX

Mentored by Aliza Goldstein  |  Directed by Asaad Kelada

Carter has a crush on Teddy but isn’t sure he’s gay. His bestie Phoebe encourages him to go for it but he chickens out. When Carter asks an unlikely ally for help crafting a promposal, he's encouraged to do something like John Cusack with the boombox in Say Anything. Will Teddy say yes or think Carter is insane?

WEEK 3 – July 25 - 28



by Bridget Wolfram, age 17, Louisville, KY

Mentored by Stephen Kaplan  |  Directed by Cate Caplin

When Jane dies at 96 she is welcomed to her transition with a PowerPoint review of her life. She thought she'd led an exciting life, but sees that it was full of missed opportunities. When Jane learns how many total hours/days/years she spent on bad things vs good, she wakes up, alive and young again, faced with the possibility of a do-over.


by Dakota Darnell, age 17, Minneola, FL

Mentored by Dave Osmundsen  |  Directed by June Carryl

Rori’s been given a full ride scholarship to a school out of state and is worried about leaving her non-verbal, autistic father. Will they be able to give each other the autonomy and independence they need to grow into the next version of themselves, or will they stay stuck in what is familiar and safe?


by Brian Guan, age 17, Dublin, CA

Mentored by Vichet Chum  |  Directed by Arianna Basco

Through intertwining narratives, "American Magpie" paints a poignant portrait of love, identity, and the human experience across time and space.  Can a family separated by continents and cultures they a solution to their separation in the parable of lovers finding one another across space and time, or will their family fall apart?

WEEK 4 – August 1 - 4


by Audrey Hunter, age 18, Dallas, TX

Mentored by June Carryl  |  Directed by Laura Stribling

When an Octopus family cycles through different versions of who they really are, the mother is the only one who seems to remember each step of their evolution. A unique and fresh look at what it means to be a middle class family facing challenges that never seem to be solved but morph into new expressions of the same thing.



by Sydney Tate, age 17, Aldie, VA

Mentored by ShaWanna Renee Rivon  |  Directed by Marguerite Moreau

In a Beckettian conversation, Life and Death contemplate how swiftly things move and how they are frequently called upon. When they ponder giving it all up, can Life and Death find value in their respective roles in the universe?


by Leo Eigen, age 16, New York, NY

Mentored by Robert L. Freedman  |  Directed by Jorge-Luis Pallo

When Aaron is outraged that their neighbor has left her boots out in the hall, his wife, Erica tries to calm him down. The next morning her neighbor Joan knocks on the door to see if Erica is ok and she gives Erica the help she needs to see the truth inside the argument.

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